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The effects of trauma highjack the brain and put people in fight, flight, or freeze mode, robbing them of the ability to live their lives with peace of mind.  This trauma can be as simple as long term deprivation or as complicated as abuse. Because trauma resides in the right-brain emotional center, it requires innovative experiential techniques for healing.  Omega foundation offers resources to help people move through this difficult journey of recovery to a life of emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Trauma Counseling

Fear has two meanings:
Forget Everything And Run; or Face Everything And Rise.
                          -Zig Ziglar


"Psychodrama" comes from the root words "Psyche" meaning soul, and "drama" meaning action.  It utilizes the enactment, and reenactment of past, present, or future life situations.  Through this experience, participants can see their life events with new eyes, gain insight, and begin to think and feel differently about their circumstances.


Psychodrama is a creative, action-oriented process through which we can go beyond problem-solving and personal insight to see our lives, our beliefs, and our choices as part of a greater picture.  This dynamic process is set in motion through imaginative exercises designed to generate an atmosphere of safety and support as well as stimulate creativity.


Forgiveness and Reconciliation


Omega Foundation works in areas where people have experienced extreme atrocities and trauma. In order to break the cycle of unforgiveness and the culture of revenge, Omega foundation encourages and assists nationals in forgiving and releasing past offenses.  This is typically done in both small and large groups often using symbolic ceremonies which allow people to participate without experiencing cultural shame.  Forgiveness and reconciliation seminars have been offered at Omega Foundation's Kigali Unity Conference Center and at other locations throughout central Africa.

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