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Our Passion


Our passion is for the traumatized men, women, and children of countries ravaged by genocide, tribal wars, poverty, natural disasters, and political unrest.  So far our mission has included the countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, India, Philippines, Haiti, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, and others.

Our Purpose


Our purpose is to reach beyond our borders and provide the training, tools, and hope people need to heal from traumatic life events.  We believe forgiveness, reconciliation, Biblical counseling, and leadership skills, along with microcredit banking opportunities, help people start and sustain the healing process.

Our Plan


Established in July of 1983, Omega Foundation began the hard work of addressing the needs of traumatized people in poorly resourced countries.  It is our goal to provide both funding and human resources for trauma-healing projects within the countries we currently service, and to expand to additional countries as needs and opportunities arise.

Omega Foundation:  356 Valley Stream Circle,  Naples, FL 34113


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